DOUBLE XX Large Dog Crate Cabinet, Dog Size 90 lbs.+

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Double X-Large Dog Crate

Overall Dimensions: 96"L 30"W 42"H
Inside Dimensions: 93"L 27"W 39"H
Approx. Dog Size: 90+ lbs.

Cubic Feet: 67.9

If you found this page it might be safe to say you have two really big pups. That said, you probably have two massive dog crates smack dab in the middle of your living room, dinning room or bedroom covered by a super cute throw to disguise those dreadful and hideous plastic or wire dog crates. Ugh… I know. I hear you. 🤦‍♀️
Image replacing them both with a single sleek stylish space saving functional piece of furniture. Ahhh yes… it's time my friend. You came to the right place. Great job! 👍

You can order it unfinished with our Natural DIY option or stained in one of great color options to customize your furry friend's new home (Kona, Classic Gray, Worn Navy, Sunbleached, Sage, Ebony or White Chocolate).



Optional Upgrades & Accessories

Custom Dog Crate Furniture Optional Stylish Hardware Upgrades

Materials: Hardwood & Metal
All Furniture is Made to Order
Ready to ship: 8 weeks
Average Shipping Cost: $390-$675*
  *Shipping & Tax Calculated and added at checkout.
**Shown in Classic Gray with standard rebar cabinet back. 



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