Buying dog crate furniture is an investment not to be taken lightly, especially because It's dogs living in furniture.
How to measure your dog
TIP #1
Size Matters

It's more than just a dog crate, it's your pup's new home. Your new kennel should be a cozy space for your pup to feel safe and relaxed.

A crate that is too big is just as bad as one that is too small.
In general, a dog crate needs to be tall enough for your dog to stand and wide enough for your dog to turn around easily – but not much bigger.

Checkout our handy "How to Measure" infographic. 😉
TIP #2
Materials: Did you know not all hardwoods are very hard?

For dog furniture, avoid species like Alder, Poplar, Birch, Pine and designs made of all plywood (no solid wood).

go with more durable solid woods like Maple (used in butcher blocks & gymnasium floors), Ash, Walnut, or Oak.

Don't take our word, get the hard facts. See a side-by-side wood comparison chart. The numbers don't lie. 😉

The Smart Design Dog Crate - Custom Kennels built for the best lifetime ownership value
TIP #3
How long do you plan on owning your furniture?

No one wants disposable furniture.

Over the years, we've seen many well intentioned builders not around more than a year or two to support your purchase.

Make sure your builder has a well laid out proven replacement component program.

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Smart Design Dog Crate from Carolina Dog Crate Co.