Custom Dog Crate Furniture & Kennels FAQ's

Dog Furniture Kennel Double XL for 2 dogs

Everything you ever wanted to know about ordering your custom dog crate & kennel furniture

From crate sizes, delivery, shipping, to lead times. We believe life is always better when you know what to expect. 

What type of wood are your custom dog crates and does it matter? 

Maple is a creamy white hardwood. One of the hardest wood species, maple is often chosen for high end furniture & heavy-use items, like butcher blocks, wood gymnasium floors and kitchen cabinets.
Why Maple?
  • Ultra-durable
  • It can take a beating and look great for years!
  • Stains & paints extremely well.
  • Eco-Friendly, abundant, and easily sourced locally..
    Don't take our word for it, let the data speak for itself.  Solid Maple Hardwood is a much better choice and a tremendous value.
    What is the best type of wood for dog crate furniture

    ** lbf = pounds of force


    What is the lead time? How long does it take to build one?

    How long does it take to build a custom dog crate?

    "Lead time" estimate is from the time you order to the time your custom furniture is ready to ship/pickup. Our lead time estimate for standard sizes is 7-11 weeks. Shelby Collection. Custom designs, custom sizes, designs with drawers are 14+ weeks. Refer to terms & conditions for more details. 

    How long does it take to ship?  

    "Ship time" estimates are 5-10 working days Sometimes quicker. Once your custom furniture is complete and the shipper is booked, we will be in touch with your tentative ship date. Now we say tentative because we're talking about truck drivers/carriers here; which are literally a moving target. Once your kennel has been picked up and on it's way to it's forever home, we will send you another quick note with the carrier's contact info. The shipper will be in touch with you directly to set a delivery day and time

    How much is freight?

    So… we get that question a lot... Freight is kinda like taxes, in that we have absolutely no control over how much we have to pay. Freight is no exception and makes us absolutely crazy.

    Anyway... Freight rates range from $45 - $450, The majority being between $125-$355 for our most popular sellers (Intermediate, L, XL, Double Intermediate Dog Crate and Double Large Kennel). Yep, we have some of the best rates out there.

    Freight is something that we are constantly working on and do everything in our power for find the best rates possible..

    What is curbside delivery?

    This means the shipper will bring it to your home "curbside" but not into your home. Be sure to have one or two people available at the time of delivery to help get your new custom furniture into your home. The crates typically weigh between 40-200 lbs, which you and a couple friends can handle pretty easily.

    Can I pick up my crate to save on the cost of shipping?

    Absolutely! We love it when we get to meet our clients in person. Simply send us a quick message  and we'll get you set up.

    How wide are the spaces between the bars?

    We get that question a lot, especially from people with puppies and small dogs. Beanie definitely had several jailbreaks through the dog gate in the kitchen when she was a pup. The space will vary by kennel size.

    Small = 1-5/8"

    Med = 2-1/8"

    INT., L, XL, XXL = 2-5/8"

    How easy is it to assemble the DIY Kits? And...why aren't there DIY options for Large & X-Large Custom Crates?

    SUPER EASY! All you need is a drill. And maybe a second set of hands to hold the panels while putting in the screws. But hey, if I can do it by myself so can you. It's piece of cake.

    No Large DIY Kits?

    Not yet but we are working on it! These kennels are pretty big and cumbersome. That said, cost of freight is always going to be a big consideration. Since the DIY is meant to be a more affordable option especially on freight, the cost to ship the larger units in a DIY Kit doesn't save you any money. We are always working hard to find the best prices on freight and hope to add the larger sizes in a DIY Kit soon. We will keep you posted.

    What if my dog decides to use the wood of the kennel as a chew toy?

    LOL... Yes, it can happen but thank goodness Beanie is past that stage. Not to worry. For the most part dogs will typically go for the metal bars (which are almost indestructible) but on occasion they will find the wood parts very tasty. We can replace pretty much any part of your custom dog crate furniture. Just contact us with the details and we can ship replacement pieces.
    Here's a link to a great article from the Humane Society  "Chewing: How to Stop Your Dog's Gnawing Problem"

    Will my crate look exactly like the picture?

    We always want you to absolutely love your pup's new home and do everything in our power to handcraft beautiful quality pieces of furniture.

    Each piece is handmade and will have its own character, unique grain patterns, color and texture. All these factors will affect the look and finish of your custom handcrafted dog crate furniture. These unique characteristics in the wood are clues to the history of each piece and we believe it contributes to its beauty. Adding stain and color will enhance what nature has already done.

    We wish we could to offer guarantees for color matching, grain consistency and movement of the wood. That would take an act of God who already thinks this natural creation is perfect.

    What's the deal with "Ready to Ship" vs. "Quick Ship" listings?

    We sell our handcrafted dog crates faster than we make them, but on occasion will have a couple in stock ready to go. You can find these in our Demo's & Deals Section.

    "Ready to Ship"

    An item that is in-stock, packaged and waiting to go to it's forever home.

    These special listings have a complete detail of any upgrades and options that are included (unfortunately these cannot be customized). The good news is that we typically only need a few days to schedule pick up from our shop.

    "Quick Ship"

    The item is built and just waiting for your color and hardware selections.

    We will typically need approximately 7-10 business days to stain ,add final protective finish, install your hardware selection and time to dry before shipping*

    *Temperature & humidity can affect dry time estimates.

    What’s the difference between “Gently Used” and a “Demo”? And... what is your BUY WITH CONFIDENCE GUARANTEE?

    “Demo”: Brand new crate that has been unwrapped to display at an event or show.

    “Gently Used”: Crate has had a previous resident. Ex...Beanie has outgrown two crates that we have resold as “Used”.


    Here’s what we do to all Demos & Gently Used Crates before they are listed for sale.

    First, we detail it to identify all touch ups and repairs needed to bring it to new condition.

    This includes…

    1. Repair or replace any damaged panels
    2. Repair or replace damaged hardware
    3. Sand, patch and touch up any dings and scratches.
    4. Scrub & prep to add two new layers of protective topcoat finish to the interior of the crate
    5. Final cleaning, detail and inspection before wrapping

    Have more questions?

    Feel free to contact us using the "CHAT" tool in the lower right-hand side of your screen. We would love to chat and are happy to help!

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