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Our passion at Dog Crate Furniture and Custom Kennels is to build a home for your pooch that also doubles as a beautiful piece of furniture. We create everything from credenzas, entertainment centers, buffets, sofa tables, coffee tables, to nights stands and end tables--the possibilities are limitless!

Who would have thought that less than a year after building our first piece handcrafted dog crate  furniture that we would have built more dog crates than most people in our business?

And what a year it has been! We worked through a blistering cold winter, a blazing hot summer, enjoyed a bunch of ups, and suffered a few (sometimes entertaining!) downs—all with the support of our loyal customers and amazing friends (furry and otherwise)!

Our humbling success and tremendous in such a short amount of time boils down to what our customer say about us. They tell us they chose us because they loved our designs and customizations; they say that we gave them the best shopping experience. They said we are very responsive and patient with all their questions—offering the priceless peace of mind that goes a long way when making a big purchase like this. We keep it simple with short response times and transparent pricing. We are always happy to brainstorm ideas to create a beautiful piece that pleases the owner as much as the pup.

So how does a corporate sales representative get into the dog crate business, you might ask… As is often the case: completely by chance! After 11 years on the road as a manufacturer's representative, I got tired of traveling and wanted to stay put for a while. Leaving my career was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made. I thoroughly enjoyed my work, loved my clients and still miss the people I worked with in many different capacities for almost 20 years (yes I am that old!). It was simply time for a change; time to get off the road; and time to get a dog!

Beanie is the reason we are here! As a life-long dog lover, adopting my energetic Brittany spaniel was a dream come true; as someone living in a small townhouse, it was a big adjustment! Beanie's wire crate was taking up half of my eat-in kitchen! One impulsive purchase later, we had an end table crate that I thought would solve our problem. However, Beanie hated sleeping in it; it creaked and fell apart each time I tried to clean it! That’s when I decided to build my own custom dog crate! 

Several hours, many revisions, and one very dusty kitchen later, Beanie had a new favorite hangout spot!

After many dinner party compliments and inquiries into where I got the sleek new crate, a friend dared me to post my design online; when I said that no one would buy them, she bet a beer on it—and the rest is history!

We especially enjoy meeting new clients and their pets – drop a message and introduce yourself! We look forward to working with you!


Vivian & Beanie



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