Smart Design Dog Crate©

See what our clients say about their Smart Design Custom Dog Crate FurnitureMany of our clients say they chose Carolina Dog Crate Co. for three reasons.
  1. Variety of Style Options
  2. Smart Design Dog Crate© Feature
  3. And the peace of mind that comes with it.

The Smart Design Dog Crate© gives you the best lifetime value.


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 Intelligently designed, every component of your Carolina Dog Crate can be replaced.

Yes, everything!


Smart Design Dog Crate© Features

Replaceable Panels

Super Easy DIY Installation.

Every component on your custom dog crate is replaceable and are super simple to replace. 

Handcrafted Kennels and crates since 2016

Five Heavy Duty Hardware options for your custom Dog crate furniture


Durable & Reliable Performance

Carefully curated not only for their timeless beauty, but also for ease of use.

 Made of Solid Hardwood Maple

Maple is one of the hardest species of wood chosen for heavy use furniture. It can take a beating and look great for years! 

Did you know some hardwoods are in fact very soft?

Get the hard facts before you buy anything. See a side by side comparison.    

What's the best type of wood for dog crate kennel furniture?


Local Expert Install

Not very handy? We can help arrange for local professional installation. How is that for easy? 

3 Reasons why you need a Smart Design Dog Crate©?

Dog parent loving on his golden retriever

1.  Let’s face it. They’re dogs and sometimes they... 

  • Chew
  • Scratch
  • Have accidents

    2.  It’s peace of mind!  Yes, this is the smart choice. 

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    Double Large Custom Dog Crate

    3. No one wants disposable furniture. You work way too hard for your money. 


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