Furniture Repair, Wax Fill Stick

Furniture Repair, Wax Fill Stick

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White Wood Fill Stick is designed to make quick repairs to interior wood surfaces. Fills and fixes nail holes, scratches and hides minor imperfections in wood. Varathane Fill Sticks provide a quick, no mess, easy way to hide imperfections and keep interior wood surfaces looking great.
  • Use to fix and make minor repairs to interior wood surfaces including nail holes in wood, scratches in wood and more
  • Will work on all interior wood furniture such as table tops, doors, cabinets, molding and wood floors
  • Designed to complement and match existing wood stains and finishes
  • Pre-colored, wax-based formula makes repairs simple
  • Blend different fill sticks to create custom colors
  • Work into defect until filled, remove excess with plastic putty knife
  • Works fast, dries in 10 minutes
  • Cleans up with soap and water