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We build super cool Dog Crate Furniture and Custom Kennels for your home that are also beautiful pieces of furniture. Everything from credenzas, entertainment centers, buffets, sofa tables, coffee tables to nights stands and end tables. The possibilities are limitless.

Who would have thought that almost one year after building our first Handcrafted Dog Crate that we would have built more dog crates than most makers in our segment?

Wow, and what a year it has been! A blistering cold winter, a blazing hot summer, a bunch of ups, a few downs (including one black eye). We wouldn’t change that for anything in the world; and could not have done this without the help and support of our amazing friends.

I am so grateful and completely humbled when I actually stop and take a moment to think about it. We have had tremendous growth and success in such a short amount of time. I️ think It boils down to what our customer say about us. They tell us they chose us because they loved our designs and we gave them the best shopping experience. They said we are very responsive and patient with all their questions.  It amazing how a little peace of mind really goes a long way when you're making a big purchase like this. We just try to keep it simple.

So how does a corporate sales rep. get into the dog crate furniture building business? Great question… It was by chance. After 11 years on the road as a manufacturer's representative, I was tired of traveling and needed to stay put for a while. Leaving my career was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made. I loved my work, loved my clients and absolutely loved the people I worked with in many different capacities for almost 20 years (yes I am that old lol). It was just time. So I decided to take a year off and work on starting the business I had been considering for 15 years.

Carolina Dog Crate Co. - The Dog Crate Furniture People - Beanie is the reason we are here. #Wirecratesareugly

It was during that year off that I built Beanie's end table dog crate.  We live a in a small two bedroom townhouse near uptown Charlotte. Beanie's wire crate was taking up half my "eat-in" kitchen. Ugghhh! If you found us and are reading this, then I'm sure you can relate.

So one day I decided to buy one of those end table/crate thingies you see in those "In-Flight" magazines. Oh man I hated it! The whole thing would fall apart every time I moved it for cleaning. It was actually designed to come apart for cleaning; but I could never get the darn thing put back together properly. What a huge pain.

Long story short...that's when I decided to build my own custom dog crate. I made the first one in my kitchen (no joke). Lol. It was winter and rainy so I worked inside my townhouse. Oh man, the dust was unreal (*shaking my head).

Building the first dog crate furniture end table in my kitchen - Carolina Dog Crate Co. - The Dog Crate Furniture People

A friend dared me (actually bet a beer) to post my design online line and the rest is history. Thus a new business & passion were born and loving every minute of it!

Drop us a quick message and introduce yourself. We look forward to working with you.


Vivian & Beanie